Episode 39

The Electric Bill: Energizing Your Mindset for Success with Bill G. Williams


October 18th, 2023

48 mins 48 secs

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About this Episode

Welcome to another episode of the G.E.M. Series Podcast! In this episode, we have the pleasure of introducing our guest, Bill G. Williams, aka Electric Bill, who is the mastermind behind The b4 Group. Join us as we dive into his journey from the corporate world to entrepreneurship, his passion for HR and people development, and the secrets to creating a thriving work culture.

Electric Bill discusses a wide range of topics related to personal and professional growth. From Bill's transition from the corporate world to starting his own business to his book "Electric Life," which focuses on emotional intelligence and energy management, this conversation is packed with valuable insights. He explores the power of the platinum rule, the importance of self-care, effective time-management strategies, and the lessons we can learn from failure.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to learn from his wisdom and experience. Tune in to this episode and discover how to set big goals, develop a fearless mindset, and prioritize self-care!

Key Takeaways
00:00:00 What is The G.E.M. Series
00:01:37 Who is Bill Williams
00:04:18 Talking about childhood experiences
00:06:55 Transition to training and development
00:09:13 Leadership and taking risks
00:11:11 The Value of HR and Inclusion
00:13:08 Creating a thriving work culture
00:17:53 "Electric Life" by Bill Williams
00:19:32 The purpose of the book
00:20:52 Three-Part Key Takeaway
00:22:04 The journey of writing the book
00:25:25 Book Testimonials
00:26:13 The Platinum Rule
00:28:39 Choosing and releasing emotions
00:31:04 Present-mindedness and accepting control
00:32:29 From struggle to superpower
00:33:29 Self-care and personal goals
00:38:13 What he learned from failure
00:42:58 Taking care of oneself and self-care
00:46:13 Where to keep up with Bill

00:05:48 “I want to make it a focus so that people can end the stigma around mental health and really get okay with not being okay and finding ways to get support.”
00:09:55 “Leadership is just about making things better all the time and influencing other people.”
00:14:33 “The vision of the company needs to be the purpose when it's delivered with excellence.”
00:26:43 “Do unto others as they would have done to them.”
00:30:05 “Don't give your power away to other people. You choose to select your own feelings.”
00:39:22 “Don't be afraid of failure, celebrate your failures. However, the only way to celebrate them is to learn from them.”

Resources and Links
Snore Lab https://www.snorelab.com/
Fitbit https://www.amazon.com/fitbit/s?k=fitbit
The b4 Group https://bfourgroup.com/
"Electric Life" by Bill Williams https://www.amazon.ca/Electric-Life-Microsteps-Attention-Brilliant/dp/177458171X
"Insight" by Dr. Tasha Eurich https://www.amazon.com/Insight-Surprising-Others-Ourselves-Answers/dp/0525573941
"Good to Great" by Jim Collins https://www.amazon.com/Good-Great-Some-Companies-Others/dp/0066620996

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