Episode 23

Transforming Lives through Business Success With Yuri Elkaim


October 12th, 2022

56 mins 10 secs

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About this Episode

How do you coach your way toward progress? Build up systems and strategies on your route to success just like Yuri did!

Yuri Elkaim is the founder and CEO of HealthPreneur, a leading coaching company that empowers health and fitness professionals to build thriving online businesses. He is also a former athlete, a known and trusted health expert, and a New York Times bestselling nutrition author. His company’s purpose is not only to help people but also to guide healthcare providers to achieve their dreams in the service of others.

From being a professional soccer player, he shifted his athletic mindset into the entrepreneurial world. He has a strong work ethic and a relentless drive to succeed. He is also a wealth of knowledge and a huge inspiration to aspiring coaches, entrepreneurs, and fitness enthusiasts.

In his late teens, he lost all of the hair on his body due to an autoimmune disease. This experience led him to dive into the field of nutrition and fitness, with the goal of helping thousands of health professionals develop the needed marketing and business skills for their clients. His passion for health and wellness grew into a full-blown business that he now runs with his team of coaches.

Tune in to the newest episode of the GEM Series as we talk about Yuri's challenges of growing a business and how he turned his experiences into opportunities.

Key Takeaways

(00:56) - Who is Yuri Elkaim
(01:46) - The story behind HealthPreneur
(06:11) - Influence of an athlete's mind on entrepreneurship
(07:26) - Yuri on his mistakes in his early business years
(10:09) - Having confidence without arrogance
(11:34) - What’s Yuri’s very first goal
(12:41) - What Yuri does best and how he does it
(16:05) - Advice for struggling entrepreneurs
(21:06) - How he gets through the rough patches in business
(22:55) - One of the lowest points in Yuri's life
(23:50) - A passion for both doing and being in business
(26:38) - How to clear off the core constraints
(29:57) - Yuri’s wealth of knowledge as an entrepreneur
(32:27) - Learning to seek out business mentorship
(34:45) - Having a sense of accountability and ownership
(39:05) - Limits in compassion: Yuri's thoughts
(40:05) - A story about believing in yourself and breaking excuses
(42:21) - Yuri's perspective on hustle culture
(47:59) - Beliefs to break when entering the business
(51:10) - Yuri's favorite aspects of his work
(53:37) - Words of wisdom for aspiring entrepreneurs
(54:50) - How to get in touch with Yuri


"The mistake I made in the first couple years of my business was thinking I had all the solutions even though I had none of them" (07:35)
"Problems only ever get bigger if you want your business and your impact to get bigger." (08:42)
"Growth doesn't happen without challenges." (08:51)
"Being around other people who've been there and done that is very important if you want to accelerate your progress." (18:53)
"Complexity fails and simplicity scales." (19:02)
"Systems create peace of mind instead of all the chaos." (30:22)
"If you wanna get better, do something about it. Otherwise, stop talking about it." (38:43)
"When circumstances change, your commitment needs to go higher." (39:14)
"When you change your perspective of what down is, it actually feels like an up." (48:30)

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