Episode 24

Crafting Your Lifestyle Design with Ali Boone


October 26th, 2022

1 hr 17 mins 36 secs

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About this Episode

Have you been exploring the question of how to turn your passion into a profession? Transition into the life of your dreams and live the life of your passion with this special episode!

Ali Boone is a real estate investor, entrepreneur, and published conference paper author who once worked in corporate America but now pursues a life of ultimate career freedom. She also launched Hipster Investments, one of the leading providers of turnkey rental properties, facilitating over $18 million in turnkey sales in the first five years of business.

She grew up in Atlanta with a typical outlook on life—go to school, get high grades, and find a stable job. With her degree in aerospace engineering, she was flying airplanes for a living but realized she didn’t love the pilot life. She decided to pivot, and soon after, she carved out a life for herself, free from worry and filled with joy. Now, a decade after her leap to an entrepreneurial journey, she is becoming the person she envisioned herself to be.

If you're thinking of making a shift and pursuing your passions, tune in as we pick Ali's brain to learn about her experience and life lessons after making a professional transition herself.

Key Takeaways

(00:49) - Who is Ali Boone
(02:14) - Getting to know Ali on a more personal level
(06:39) - An entrepreneur’s corporate life
(07:52) - Ali’s first-ever goal related to having a business
(09:49) - Why the hustle culture is somehow overrated
(12:39) - Making the switch to entrepreneurship
(15:00) - How her family felt about her leap of faith
(16:52) - What Ali got out of her aggressive real estate debut
(17:59) - Turning failures into opportunities
(22:08) - Two things to think about in situations of failure
(23:57) - Being realistic with the risks you take
(25:07) - Discussing the progress inside the business
(30:21) - Mental resilience through highs and lows
(36:18) - Pursuing the passion and taking the chances
(38:34) - Ali’s perspective on failing
(41:44) - What’s Ali’s life like outside real estate
(44:21) - Ali: Find your best and outsource the rest
(49:32) - Empowering people to do what they love
(53:52) - Storytime on her crazy experience in the business
(01:02:07) - The three currencies: time, money, and sanity
(01:05:43) - A myth to dispel about entrepreneurship
(01:08:20) - New podcast idea on entrepreneur vulnerability
(01:12:18) - Ali’s favorite part of what she does
(01:15:13) - How to reach Ali and get a copy of her book


"Someone's dream job is not my dream job." (07:37)
"The answer for me isn't the answer for everybody." (14:02)
"If you have an interest in it, don't let the downfalls take you out." (20:59)
"Find the things that you're good at, expand those, and outsource the rest." (46:33)
"Learn new things and get out of your comfort zone." (50:54)
"The challenge of [entrepreneurship] is not the business; it's the internal person." (01:06:52)
"When you can work your own hours on top of working from wherever you want, there's no going back." (01:14:42)

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Download a FREE digital copy of Ali’s book “NOT Your How-to Guide to Real Estate Investing: Life Lessons on Hacking Your Mind Before You Hack Your Wallet”

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