Episode 27

Why Challenge the Status Quo as a Leader With Billy Samoa Saleebey


December 7th, 2022

58 mins 48 secs

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About this Episode

Would you be willing to leave something comfortable to pursue the life that you love? If that's a yes, then you should meet our guest for this episode.

Billy Samoa Saleebey is a man of many talents. He's a host of two podcast shows, an award-winning filmmaker, and a speaker all in one. He's also the Co-founder and CEO of Podify, a media and marketing agency for podcasts which is inspired by his passion for creating an impact through podcasting. But that's not all! Before all that, he became a Tesla executive and worked for the one and only Elon Musk!

With all his success, Billy still believes that there's more to be done. Now, he continues to share his wisdom in podcasts and more about life! His story is one of determination, success, and the constant pursuit of excellence. His journey from being a sales guy to starting his own media company is an inspiration to many. So if you're feeling stuck in your career or business, take some time out and listen to this episode.

Key Takeaways

(01:02) - Who is Billy Samoa
(02:16) - Billy's journey toward professional success
(07:04) - Leaving the corporate world to start on his own
(09:39) - How the lens of opportunity helped him
(10:52) - Getting to his entrepreneurial mindset
(12:40) - The 3 benefits of your biggest investment
(17:24) - Billy on relearning things and learning fears
(19:22) - Challenging your brain to think more
(21:09) - Why he didn’t have any immense fear
(24:33) - All about perspectives and visualizations
(26:08) - Things Billy prioritized in his podcast
(27:35) - What inspired him to create Podify
(30:34) - How to create a more engaging content
(36:32) - His podcast shows in a nutshell
(40:01) - 2 ways to research new and fresh content
(44:59) - Tapping into people’s emotions
(47:14) - Billy on his discovery back in sales
(50:49) - How to connect with Billy
(53:10) - Billy: “There’s no podcast police.”
(55:26) - What he likes best about what he does


“We are a product of all our experiences, and sometimes you need to reflect and think, what were those moments?” (06:02)
“I'm grateful that I got that push because I wouldn't be where I am today.” (09:13)
“Learning is great, but actually relearning is even better.” (13:55)
“I believe that the only way you fail long term is to quit.” (21:30)
“Your mind is a fertile garden. You plant any seed, it's either going to be a weed, or it's going to grow a beautiful flower.” (23:29)
“Start strong, end strong.” (40:43)
“If you wait so long that you're wanting to be perfect, you're missing all the incremental feedback.” (54:21)
“We live in a world where for the first time ever, anyone can actually change the world.” (56:10)

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