Episode 28

How To Tap Into Your Zone of Genius With Mike Zeller


December 21st, 2022

53 mins 48 secs

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About this Episode

If you want to unlock your highest potential by tapping into your zone of genius, then you should absolutely stick around for this episode…

Mike Zeller is a business architect who helps entrepreneurs strategize how they can live out their purpose through the businesses they build. He's mentored hundreds of entrepreneurs from throughout the world, helping them earn tens of millions. He's also the author behind "The Genius Within" and many more.

With his passion for unleashing the divine potential, Mike founded Superhuman Health, which provides access to hyper-personalized medical care, psychology, life coaching, and fitness training to help people live their best lives. His purpose stemmed from his wife's battle with depression for years and searching for ways to get beyond it. He wanted to find the answers, and that's how he found himself on this journey to creating so much around mental health.

In today's episode, our Host Blake Chapman, and guest, Mike Zeller, take on the topics of finding your purpose, tapping into your zone of genius, the importance of a learner's mindset, and coping mechanisms for mental health problems.

Tune in as Mike delivers his signature blend of wisdom, insight, and inspiration!

Key Takeaways

(00:54) - Who is Mike Zeller
(03:10) - What Mike’s business journey is all about
(05:06) - How he found the passion behind his business
(08:06) - His inspirations from the past
(11:17) - What's inside Superhuman Health
(13:49) - Mike on the rise of mental health problems
(17:45) - Coping skills you might need
(22:03) - The story during Mike's sabbatical period
(26:31) - Mike with his learner’s mentality
(28:36) - His season of learning and investment
(29:51) - Why peak earning years are later in life
(32:01) - Tapping into your zone of genius
(37:20) - What is the poisonous mushroom hunting
(41:20) - Learning about customer discovery
(45:19) - Breaking some myths about mentorship
(50:47) - Mike's favorite part of what he does
(52:05) - Where to keep up with Mike


“If businesses don't enrich the world and make the world better, then they shouldn't exist.” (08:48)
“I had to reset my pathway and build a much stronger foundation.” (22:56)
“More mistakes means more learning.” (27:45)
“Once you've figured it out, you can act with more precision” (31:41)
“I know what's something I should get really stressed about and what's something I shouldn't. ” (31:45)
“When we're about to have a technological change, you can't stay the same. Otherwise, you will be a relic of the past in many regards.” (39:20)
“An extra level of self-awareness is what separates the truly great from the potentially great.” (46:01)
“I love the joy of creating, growing, and calling others out to their highest level of greatness.” (51:45)

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