Episode 29

Peak Performance: Optimizing Psychology to Overcome Fear With Brian Bergford


January 18th, 2023

57 mins 12 secs

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About this Episode

In this brand new episode of The G.E.M. Series Podcast, we're joined by Brian Bergford. Brian is a peak performance specialist who shares his expertise on the topic of using psychology to overcome fear and maximize personal potential and performance. As the brain behind Bergford Performance Systems and with a degree in psychology, Brian brings a unique perspective to the table as he works with people on their mental game.

Our guest discusses key principles of performance psychology, including the importance of setting clear goals, developing a growth mindset, and implementing effective strategies for managing stress and emotions. We also delve into the role of mindset in achieving success and the ways in which we can optimize our psychology to create powerful leverage for reaching our peak performance.

Let’s start the year strong! Tune in for actionable insights and practical tips for overcoming fear and unlocking your true potential.

Key Takeaways

(00:52) - Who is Brian Bergford
(02:39) - How Brian found his life's work
(06:03) - His first spark of entrepreneurial spirit
(10:54) - A journey from wonder to power
(15:11) - Brian talks about the timing of courage
(17:47) - Ways to achieve optimal performance
(22:42) - How you should speak to yourself
(26:40) - Brian’s sources of inspiration and ideas
(30:03) - One practical way to keep your momentum
(32:30) - Understanding the true value of goals
(36:12) - Why set goals within yourself
(41:00) - How 1% progress can help you get better
(43:24) - Explaining the ‘Mundane of Excellence’
(45:56) - What it means to be intentional
(48:10) - Brian's personal mission in life
(52:35) - Making the most out of misfortunes
(55:35) - Best way to reach Brian


“Life turns out completely different than what we would've anticipated, expected, and plan for… And that's the beauty of it.” (06:23)
“The best way to break through something is to steer right into it and hit full throttle.” (13:54)
“You have tremendous amounts of boldness inside of you.” (16:27)
“Most of the injuries we sustain are due to lack of prior planning and accountability to ourselves.” (16:46)
“You are the most influential person in your life, whether you like it or not.” (24:06)
“You want your goals to be something that serves you and not become terrible tyrants beating on you all the time.” (33:39)
“Take account of who you're really becoming because that will ultimately be your legacy.” (40:29)
“You have to have that larger purpose to drive you into being intentional.” (45:02)
“If an adversity comes into your life, make it pay you for being there.” (53:44)

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