Episode 30

Building Mental Toughness for Business and Life with Dre Baldwin


February 15th, 2023

59 mins 5 secs

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About this Episode

In this episode of the G.E.M. Series Podcast, we welcome our special guest Dre Baldwin, a former professional basketball player turned speaker, author, and entrepreneur. He also shares his journey of turning his passion for basketball into a successful business and how he has built an engaged and loyal audience through the power of digital content.

Known as the man behind Work On Your Game, Dre has a wealth of experience and knowledge to share on topics such as discipline, confidence, mental toughness, and personal initiative. He has published over 8,000 videos, authored 33 books, appeared in 4 different TED Talks, and worked with clients from countries worldwide.

Join us as we dive into his journey, learn from his experiences, and discover the secrets to his success.

Key Takeaways

(00:53) - Who is Dre Baldwin
(01:24) - A brief overview of Dre's background
(04:13) - His 14-year-old self’s journey to basketball
(05:42) - Finding a path beyond the status quo
(09:04) - How “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” changed his mindset
(10:13) - Being a basketball YouTuber in his early days
(13:41) - Creating a brand that meets audience needs
(15:04) - How pro basketball shaped his worldview
(17:12) - The Big Shift: From ball to business
(21:24) - Sharing his stories through his books
(26:13) - Reasons why he didn't want to work a 9 to 5
(32:35) - Dre was seen as a pioneer in YouTube success
(34:21) - Dre talks about his first TED Talk experience
(37:56) - Inspirations behind his 4 principles
(47:31) - Recognizing success in his YouTube journey
(48:50) - Overlapping mindset for athletes and entrepreneurs
(49:57) - Mental Toughness: Common struggle for adults
(51:36) - How to handle the uncoachable
(52:29) - Dispelling myths around coaching and mindset
(55:50) - Dre’s advice for aspiring entrepreneurs
(57:48) - Get in touch with Dre


“You see different things and have different experiences, so it just opens your mind up.” (16:06)
“I wanted to know how can I get some control over my life to where I was calling the shot instead of somebody else.” (18:09)
“I knew I was going to do something different, and I was just trying to figure out what it was.” (28:40)
“Mental toughness is understanding that things are not always gonna work out.” (40:23)
“You’ve got to find that sweet spot of who are the type of people you want to help.” (51:17)
“Your coaching business is reflective of the type of clients that you decide to take on.” (53:16)
“The best coaches have clients who are going to do the work.” (53:37)
“There's no such thing as too much confidence.” (54:24)
“You need to invest in yourself and learn from people who are actually out here playing the entrepreneurial game.” (56:27)
“Make sure you stay connected to the people who are in the entrepreneurial game and get in that circle.” (57:18)

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