Episode 31

Creating Your Ideal Client Experience: Insights from H.B. Pasley

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About this Episode

In the return of The G.E.M. Series Podcast, we welcome a brand new guest H.B. Pasley! H.B. Pasley is an expert at creating your ideal client experience. He has been a coach, a creative, and a professional communicator for close to 4 decades. He has published many books and countless leadership guides, facilitated thousands of people in leadership development retreats, and produced over 7 million song streams on Spotify. Even after all that, he is fond of deflecting attention from his accomplishments by saying, “My real claim to fame is that I have failed at more ventures than most will ever attempt ... and I took a lot of notes.”

H.B. shares interesting facts about his life and experiences as a lifeguard, coach, musician, and business advisor. H.B. emphasizes the importance of vulnerability, empathy, and personal connection in leadership and personal relationships. H.B. also shares how to create an ideal client experience, how to choose a great advisor, and books as well as resources that helped him grow in his career.

Join us as we dive into his journey, learn from his experiences, and discover the secrets to his success!

Key Takeaways
00:00:00What is The G.E.M. Series
00:01:16H.B. Pasley's Background
00:05:22Importance of Empathy
00:07:48H.B.’s music career
00:09:23Trying to Bridge the Gap
00:12:11Inventing a Circuit to Help Musicians
00:16:30Who is the Ideal Listener?
00:19:43Personal Gravity
00:21:56Authenticity in Business
00:25:52Choosing a Great Advisor
00:27:09The Power of Vulnerability
00:31:00Leadership and Insecurity
00:32:23Why do people relate more to failure
00:34:25Coaching on Personal Storytelling
00:38:30Sharing Personal Tastes
00:39:37How to Host Great Parties
00:42:09Absorbing Knowledge and Reading Books
00:46:06The Ideal Client Experience
00:47:41Never Drop the Ball Again
00:49:19Client Experience Model
00:52:30Partnership Program

00:20:03 “Nothing replaces personal interactions, mentorships, and human connections.” - H.B. Pasley
00:27:15, "I think vulnerability in particular is a superpower in anything you're trying to do. It's your biggest advocate because it does align with what your origin story is and your motivations." - Blake Chapman
00:30:38 “Insecurity is an awareness that you're not up to spec but instead of talking about not being up to spec you hide it. You over-achieve, you talk more, you get bossy, you’d do anything to shield yourself.” - H.B. Pasley
00:31:26 “If you want to heal from your own tendency of hiding your failures, panicking, and freaking out when you don't feel sufficient, the great thing to do is to do the opposite of what you feel at that moment.” - H.B. Pasley
00:32:03 “I've learned that when I'm in my best leadership modality, I'm actually talking about the things that I'm afraid of because people relate to failure more than they relate to success.” - H.B. Pasley
00:48:43 “Discovering who you're best with, who is magically attracted to you, who you're amazing with, that discovery process in itself gives rise to a new privilege.” - H.B. Pasley

Resources and Links
“Make Me” - Lee Child https://www.amazon.com/Make-Me-Lee-Child/dp/0804178798
“The Pleasure of His Company” - Dutch Sheets https://www.amazon.com/Pleasure-His-Company-Intimate-Friendship/dp/0764209485
“Peak Performance Principles for High Achievers” - John Reid Noe https://www.goodreads.com/en/book/show/4072955
“Never Drop the Ball Again” - H.B. Pasley https://www.amazon.com/Never-Drop-Ball-Again-Experience/dp/0990682714

Connect with H.B. Pasley
H.B.’s book: “Never Drop the Ball Again” https://www.amazon.com/Never-Drop-Ball-Again-Experience/dp/0990682714

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