Episode 33

The Power of Persistence: How Rick Elmore Built the Largest Handwriting Platform in the World

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Welcome to another episode of the G.E.M. Series Podcast! In today's episode, Host Blake Chapman is here with Rick Elmore, a former NFL player turned entrepreneur. Discover how his unwavering persistence propelled him to establish Simply Noted, now the world's largest handwriting platform.

Drawing upon his athletic background and corporate sales experience, Rick has used his own personal journey to build a thriving business. With no debt or investors, his company helps hundreds of companies integrate, automate, and scale their social media outreach by teaching them how to craft personalized messages that would resonate with the right audience.

Don't miss the chance to explore more about his journey and the lessons he has learned from his years of experience. Tune in right this moment!

Key Takeaways

00:00:00 What is The G.E.M. Series
00:00:52 Today’s Guest: Rick Elmore
00:01:12 Rick's Background in Sports and Business
00:03:07 His Inspiration behind Simply Noted
00:05:28 The Transformative Power of Athletics
00:07:44 Support System and Competitive Advantage
00:09:51 Transition from Sports to Corporate
00:13:30 Leaving Corporate America for Business
00:15:56 Rick on Getting his MBA
00:17:14 His AHA Moment on Entrepreneurship
00:20:55 Typography and Machine Learning
00:21:59 Building a Business Debt-Free
00:24:03 Smart Bootstrapping for Investments
00:29:37 Fail Early and Fail Often
00:30:50 The Right Entrepreneurial Mindset
00:32:04 Building and Leading a Team
00:35:19 Starting with a Strong Why
00:36:51 Giving Back and Being Successful
00:37:30 Make and Break Relationships with Cards
00:38:36 The Power of Handwritten Notes
00:41:46 Most Rewarding Part of His Work
00:42:55 Reach Out to Rick Elmore


00:06:25 “The great ones don't quit when they're tired or when they're not good at something. They'll go through the suck and stick with it until they become great.” - Rick Elmore
00:11:57 “You grow through what you go through.” - Rick Elmore
00:22:09 “If you have to go into debt to start a business, you shouldn't start a business. You're already starting behind the eight ball.” - Rick Elmore
00:27:46 “You have to be patient and willpower to be able to do anything.” - Blake Chapman
00:29:51 “The only way that you can get better is to fail off, fail early, and fail often.” - Rick Elmore
00:35:25 “If you have a strong "why," you have a really good chance to make it, whether it's in business or your job.” - Rick Elmore
00:36:51 “As you become more successful, giving back becomes incredibly important because there's someone just like you who is starting out on the journey you once started.” - Rick Elmore

Resources and Links

Good to Great by Jim Collins https://www.amazon.com/Good-Great-Some-Companies-Others/dp/0066620996
Grant Cardone https://grantcardone.com/
Simply Noted https://simplynoted.com/

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