Episode 34

How To Captivate Gen Z Through Your Marketing (Without The Cringe) With Celine Chai

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About this Episode

Let's hear from the Gen Z in this NEW episode of the G.E.M. Series Podcast! This time, we have Celine Chai, the co-founder of NinetyEight, a Gen Z Marketing Agency making waves in the business industry.

Celine takes us on an inspiring journey of how she and her friends embarked on the entrepreneurial path during the pandemic. Starting as a small business project right from the bat, NinetyEight grew into a successful company within 3 whole years, having the principle of being tiny but MIGHTY.

Join us as she sheds light on the unique aspects of Gen Z Marketing and why this generation is so different from its predecessors, providing valuable insights for anyone looking to tap into this market.

If you're an entrepreneur who wants to understand how the minds of the younger generation work and how to successfully communicate and relate to them as a brand or business, you're in for a treat. Don't wait, hit that play button now!

Key Takeaways
00:00:00 What is The G.E.M. Series
00:00:52 Who is Celine Chai
00:03:28 Having a passion for dancing
00:04:56 Going into marketing and advertising
00:06:29 Starting a business with friends
00:07:34 Keeping strict boundaries
00:09:27 Company growth during pandemic
00:11:58 NinetyEight in project mode
00:13:14 The fake it/make it moment
00:14:18 First pitch experience
00:16:00 What is Gen Z Marketing
00:19:09 For Gen Z or By Gen Z
00:19:42 The Koi Pond: A Gen Z Collective
00:23:11 Still pursuing a passion for dancing
00:25:20 Celine’s senior year in college
00:27:23 Working with Paul Frank
00:29:54 Talking about her dream client
00:31:25 What keeps her motivated
00:32:06 Leadership and company culture
00:33:47 Celine as a team mom
00:36:55 Why people generalize Gen Z
00:39:08 Gen Z's superpower in the workforce
00:40:31 About the no-BS radar
00:41:42 Advice for aspiring entrepreneurs
00:43:04 Where to keep up with Celine

00:05:50 “It all came down to discipline. How do I do both things and excel at them while maintaining a social life? I feel like I have definitely achieved all three.” - Celine Chai
00:08:11 “As long as you have boundaries, it won't affect your friendship.” - Celine Chai
00:20:27 “It is a product of Gen Z sounding boards in order to hit the right notes for their target Gen Z audience.” - Celine Chai
00:24:06 “I think everyone has their own niche of some capacity.” - Celine Chai
00:24:47 “Sometimes it's important for people to have that balance of something else that they care about.” - Blake Chapman
00:26:35 “Sometimes you just won't get the time back to try things.” - Celine Chai
00:35:10 “I think it just comes down to structure, making sure that we're all communicating well.” - Celine Chai
00:42:20 “Not knowing something is not a good enough reason to not try.” - Celine Chai

Resources and Links
Slack https://slack.com/
Zoom https://zoom.us/
NinetyEight Website https://www.ninetyeightla.com/
The Koi Pond https://www.ninetyeightla.com/koi-pond-gen-z
The Koi Pond Discord https://discord.com/invite/eEuzjjaGY5

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