Episode 38

Ali Daniel's Powerful Approach to Emotions and Entrepreneurship

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About this Episode

Welcome to another episode of the G.E.M. Series Podcast! In this episode, we have the pleasure of interviewing Ali Daniel, a Subconscious and Somatic Coach from Punch Drunk Soul who shows her powerful approach to emotions, entrepreneurship, and more!

Ali explores the importance of work-life balance and taking control of your personal and professional life. She delves into the power of mindset work and emotional mastery, highlighting how these factors can greatly impact your success as an entrepreneur. Ali also sheds light on the challenges and scams that exist within the coaching industry, providing valuable insights for both aspiring and established coaches.

Whether you're seeking guidance on building your business or simply looking for inspiration to pursue your passions, this episode is a must-listen. Listen in!

Key Takeaways
00:00:00 What is The G.E.M. Series
00:02:59 Who is Ali Daniel
00:06:10 A business with a purpose
00:08:06 Ali's journey to entrepreneurship
00:11:09 Deciding to make a change in life
00:13:49 Finding meaning in sickness
00:16:32 Starting the coaching business
00:21:12 Trying on new coaching methods
00:22:56 Learning to process emotions
00:28:04 Knowing your why and finding support
00:31:45 The importance of a support system
00:35:34 The rise of the coaching industry
00:38:17 Ethics and value in coaching
00:43:17 The re-education of meditation
00:44:29 Utilizing open-eye meditation
00:47:35 Obstacles faced by coaches
00:51:19 How to scale as a coach
00:54:51 Where to connect with Ali
00:55:46 Ali's biggest piece of advice

00:06:35 “You can't just start a business just because you want to be an entrepreneur. You really have to start a business that's truly aligned with your heart, your soul, your purpose.” - Ali Daniel
00:12:00 “I made a decision that I'm going to do whatever it takes to get better.” - Ali Daniel
00:16:36 “Mindset work is so powerful in the sense that it's all this conscious work around shifting your perspective and just seeing things in a different way” - Ali Daniel
00:33:08 “Whatever works for you, just try to find some support from people who have skin in the game.” - Ali Daniel
00:42:22 “It's far worse to do a bad thing efficiently than it is to do a good thing inefficiently.” - Blake Chapman
00:44:35 “Use meditation as a tool to help you become more observant and more aware of what you're thinking.” - Ali Daniel
00:56:06 “No matter where you're at on your journey, always come back to… ‘Is this feeling good for me? And if it's not, what would it look like if this were fun for me?’” - Ali Daniel

Resources and Links
Simon Sinek https://simonsinek.com/
USC (University of Southern California) https://www.usc.edu/
The Holiday https://www.amazon.com/Holiday-Cameron-Diaz/dp/B000OBYLVO
Signature Program: Her Path to Freedom https://www.facebook.com/groups/HerPathToFreedom/

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