Episode 42

Introverts Unite! Business Success for the Quiet and Shy with Matthew Pollard


November 29th, 2023

47 mins 30 secs

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About this Episode

Welcome to another episode of the G.E.M. Series Podcast! In this episode, we have Matthew Pollard, also known as the Rapid Growth® Guy, also an entrepreneur, international speaker, business coach, and author of "The Introvert's Edge," who shares his insights on how introverts can excel in business!

Matthew emphasizes the importance of understanding your target audience and simplifying your message to connect with them effectively. He also highlights the power of continuous improvement and how introverts can leverage their natural abilities to build strong relationships and close deals. Get ready to discover the strengths of introverts and learn practical strategies to overcome marketing challenges.

Ready to take your entrepreneurship skills to the next level? Don't miss out on the valuable insights in this episode. Tune in now!

Key Takeaways
00:00:00 What is The G.E.M. Series
00:01:27 The Introvert’s Edge by Matthew Pollard
00:02:50 Introverts Can Excel in Sales
00:03:41 Matthew's Personal Journey
00:06:39 His Number One Rule
00:09:23 How His Mission Started
00:10:36 Ability to Empathize and Listen
00:12:23 Interacting with Failure
00:15:49 Opportunities of Improvement
00:19:22 Empathy in Sales and Networking
00:20:13 Identifying the Ideal Target Audience
00:25:53 Finding Value & Simplifying the Message
00:28:19 The Unique Value of Introverts
00:29:50 Overcoming Marketing Challenges
00:31:15 What is Aimless Networking
00:35:04 Growing as an Introvert
00:40:01 The Introvert's Superpower
00:43:52 National Introverts Week
00:46:06 How to Connect with Matthew

00:07:48 “The best way to serve your clients is to get them out of their own way and give them products and services that better their life.” - Matthew Pollard
00:10:08 “Make sure that if you're giving value to someone, you're getting value in exchange because if you get that value, you can do something with that.” - Matthew Pollard
00:14:49 “There are studies to highlight that you need to say three positive things to yourself just to combat a negative thing.” - Matthew Pollard
00:20:18 “You are actually not serving your clients by trying to do everything for everyone.” - Matthew Pollard
00:26:24 “The simplicity of the message gets me heard in a crowded marketplace, and if you don't have that for you, then how can you possibly feel authentic?” - Matthew Pollard
00:30:00 “I learned that I had to first take responsibility for anything that wasn't working and assume it was my fault.” - Matthew Pollard

Resources and Links
Zig Ziglar https://www.ziglar.com/
BNI (Business Network International) https://www.bni.com/
"The Introvert's Edge" by Matthew Pollard https://www.amazon.com/Introverts-Edge-Quiet-Outsell-Anyone/dp/0814438873
"The Introvert's Edge to Networking" by Matthew Pollard
"The Adversity Advantage" by Erik Weihenmayer

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